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Take a look at the fun and pampering moments we create for your child's birthday celebration. Our staff is trained to make sure your child and her friends feel all pampered and glamorous for her special day. 

Everyone gets their choice of color for their nails and the hairstyle they want to get done. They even get the choice to put glitter in their hair. The glitter is a gel base that washes off fairly easy. We take photos of all the hair done so your child can see how it turned out. 

We do ask that parents or the host prepare the areas for the stations. We set them up and take them down when we have done all the girls. 

After the girls are done with all the stations. We line them up to take group photos. During the last poses we present them with the apple cider for a toast to the birthday girl. After all photos are taken the fashion show begins. 

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